Boulder Now, Part 2

The second part of my stay unfolded five miles up Sunshine Canyon at the home of Rob and Betsey. We also enjoyed good food and excellent wine, with Rob and me collaborating on a paella of his devising. Otherwise, we had lunch at Brasserie Ten Ten, which has wonderful food (a continuation of the foodie theme from my last post).

Rob then took me on a tour of campus, including some of my old haunts. They retain all their traditional beauty. The College of Music has expanded much, all for the better. On Thursday night we attended an opera workshop in which we heard scenes from A Song for Susan Smith, libretto by Mark Campbell, music by Zach Redler. Campbell has already written a number of librettos, notably for Silent Night, which music by Kevin Puts won a Pulitzer prize. Redler shows promise, and I’d like to hear his writing for Broadway as well as for the operatic stage. The Eklund Program has come on strong at CU, and that’s a terrific thing to hear (particularly the young singers of substantial gifts and accomplishments).


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