Boulder Now, Part 1

Recently returned to my undergraduate stomping grounds, I found Boulder had changed much, though much remained the same. The presence of Bing, Google (soon to arrive) IBM, and a host of other tech players has turned the city in the Silicon Valley, Rocky Mountain Division. It’s driving up prices of real estate in extraordinary ways, but they cast their largesse on CU, and that done wonders for the University.

My first few days I spend with Gary and Jackie, friends of four decades, who flourish in the milieu of the city, always alive to new experiences. Gary has acquired a pellet smoker on which we enjoyed both a whole salmon and then a rib roast. Both tasted wonderful.

Boulder has become foodie heaven, and on Monday we dined at Frasca (garnering notice from the New York Times), one of the new and adventurous restaurants, which offered a four-course menu and an Austrian wine flight as accompaniment. Interesting and unusual.

One day Gary and I hiked seven miles round trip to “the Loch,” an extraordinary glacial lake in Rocky Mountain National. I can’t quite make the climbs I used to indulge regularly, but this hike brought back a taste of yesteryear. Boulder is populated with fitness crazies. I guess I’m still one of them.


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